Candle Making Sparks Innovation in Corporate Workshops

candle making workshop

With mental health issues fought on all fronts in the corporate world, corporate wellness workshops have become increasingly popular with employers and  employees.

However, with the extra spice needed to make these corporate wellness workshops effective, candle making for stress relief has been added to spark innovation on and off working hours.

This is one of the team building activities that has been an effective tool for stress relief, workplace creativity and employee engagement through crafts. Let us look at some of the benefits of corporate wellness workshops that include candle making for stress relief.
Candle making class
Candle Making For Stress Relief
Studies prove that candle making has a nerve-calming effect that starts in the mind and ends in the whole body. Using hot wax and molds with your own hands is an ideal activity for stress relief and co-worker bonding simultaneously.

Team Building Activities
Even if a lot of mess is made, it all finishes with laughter fits among co-workers that is the best way to bond. Moreover, the shared experience of creating something together can boost morale and create a positive work environment.

Workplace Creativity
Candle making for stress relief during corporate workshops allows employees to experiment with wax, fragrances and fragrance oils. This outside-the-box thinking and practical engagement follow through in routine tasks at hand as well as allows workers and supervisors to use different approaches to solve daily problems.

Employee Engagement Through Crafts
Similarly, such activity during corporate wellness workshops allows for employee engagement with each other and personnel on different hierarchy levels. The overall effect in this case is coherence between different factions of the company making it a positive driving force.

Therefore, candle making for stress relief during corporate wellness workshops not only sparks innovation in the workspace but also increases cohesiveness among employees, which is a sure-shot formula for corporate success and organizational achievements.

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